Monday, November 18, 2013

Project #2 Final Report on PLN

A PLN, Personal Learning Network, is a set of people and tools that you can call upon for help, consultation, collaboration, or other assistance. It is NOT the method of presenting or organizing your PLN. At the beginning of the semester, we had to give a summary report on our progress in developing a PLN. I created a Symbaloo when I was developing my own Personal Learning Network. A Symbaloo is one example of a PLN. It is a way for you to have fast access to the resources, people, and tools you use the most. When using a Symbaloo, you are able to create your own icons which will take you to where ever you set them up to go, just by clicking on them. I really liked Symbaloo at first, and I have grown to like it even more now. It is so convenient to have all of your resources, tools, and people all together at one place. It is also very easy to navigate and easy to use. Like I explained in my first summary report, on my progress in developing my PLN Symbaloo, I have organized my icons by different colors. My blue icons are located across the top and they are personal links. Including examples like Facebook, Pandora, and We Heart It (a photography site). To the left I have pink icons which are my icons for my own blog, the EDM 310 class blog, and blogger. To the right I have specific teachers blogs that I found very helpful and resourceful. I have continued to use Symbaloo and I have added more teachers and teacher's blogs like Dr. Paige Vitulli, Mr. Brian Crosby, Mrs. Cathy Jo Nelson, and Mrs. Elvira Deyamport. I also added a link to Randy Pausch's last lecture, because I found his video so inspiring and helpful. I will continue to use my Symabloo and I will continue to add to my PLN, even after this semester is over with. I have really enjoyed using this PLN and I look forward to growing my PLN even further. You can visit my Symbaloo PLN at Katlyn's Symbaloo.

Katlyn's Symbaloo

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